Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Tea tasting the new Shinsha's from Hibiki-an did not stop at Shincha matcha. A bit later my friends and I prepared ourselves for the Farmers Shincha. I like to think of this tea as the house tea. Nothing wrong with this tea and proud to be served and consumed. Very easy to brew. I brewed 200ml of 180 degree water over 7.5 grams of tea for maybe 30 seconds. In and out! I stunned my visitors as their cups had very little color. I explained that tea should not be judged by the color. After tasting the fresh green tea with rich broth like substance and the sweet sublimating fragrance they both agreed I had a point. Tea brewing is an art just as tea making is an art. Be passionate and understanding as there are basic standards and experiment. Hibiki-an offers amazing quality in tea. Reading the different tea drinking experiences expressed in the reviews should create better understanding to explore the versatility of the tea. When I was asked to brew the tea hotter or longer everyone was happy but they also said they loved the tea when I made it cooler and in a shorter brew time. Remember it is fresh. It is green and at its peak of perfection minimally processed to preserve its delicate and complex notes. Every year I am thrilled with the overall quality of Hibiki-an tea and their ability to improve and deliver some of the best teas from Japan. I am truly convinced it cannot get better than Hibiki-an. Their passion is contagious and I am inspired as a tea drinker with every sip.
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Date June 05, 2010

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