Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Danica Radovanov   (United States)
Review This is by far my favorite shincha that I have tried this year (I have had several from different vendors). The leaves are long and a beautiful dark green with some breakage. The tea is very forgiving to brew, does not become bitter easily, and holds up to high temperatures well. I used a porcelain kyusu, remineralized reverse osmosis water, and a mashiko earthenware yunomi. After boiling the water I cooled it in the yunomi and poured into the kyusu, about 8 grams to 180 ml (6 oz) for one and a half minutes at 170 F first brew. This delivered a delicious round, well balanced vegetal cup. The second brew was at 180 F for 45 seconds and it brought out a most delicious perfume, first grassy and floral with violets in a long aftertaste. Really extraordinary batch of tea. I will definitely order every year. Thank you for an excellent beautifully crafted tea Hibiki-an.
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Date May 25, 2009

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