Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Rudi Hermawan   (Indonesia)
Review Brief steeps (few seconds) in 70 degree Celsius.
Liquor is a semi-opaqued bright yellow-green in color.
Taste is smooth with a pronounced sweet umami-savoriness, and a hint of vegetal note in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel is slightly sticky from the medium body infusion, with no astringency nor bitterness.
Wet leaves are freshly green, giving off an aroma similar to steamed potato with seaweed.
The 4th infusion is where the sweetness starts to mellow down, which allows one to discover more of its vegetal note with just a slightest astringency, but a longer steep (1 minute) gives no bitter note.
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Date June 20, 2022

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