Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Nickname RaaMu from Germany   (Germany)
Review This year the new Farmers' Shincha suprised me very much! It is from my point of view stronger and more aromatic than the Editions I remember from the last years. It is an ideal refresher for hot summer days. First I tried 75°C and one minute 10 seconds for the brewing process. And that what really enough for this fantastic green delight! I also have a special treatment for the tea after the first brewing. I cool down the teapot, fill it depending on the tea and expected flavour with cold water and leave it for three to eight hours in the refrigerator. And also after this treatment the Farmers' Shincha has a very nice, light and refreshing aroma. Overall the harvest time in Japan is perhaps the happiest time in my year in Germany. And I cannot mention it enough, the kind and friendly, supportive treatment of the customers of Hikiki-An is absolutely great! Thank you from Germany!
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Date July 05, 2014

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