Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Trent Clifton   (United States)
Review Amazingly fresh! The minimal processing of aracha gives Farmers' Shincha a beautifully fresh and natural appearance and flavor. This tea has an excellent balance of astringency and sweetness, with a bit of tang and a unique flavor that is hard to accurately describe. The dry leaf has a wonderful aroma which is typical of shincha, but with a hint of something extra that I can't find words for. The brewed leaf is a beautiful bright yellowish-green. For the second infusion onward I like to use a short brewing time which brings out a light, floral flavor, and also allows for up to four or five infusions with the same tea leaves. For tea of this quality, this is a great value! One of my favorite items from Hibiki-an.
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Date June 15, 2013

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