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Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Meaghan Franey   (Canada)
Review I recently tried this tea as part of my first Hibiki-an order. Before I even mention the tea, I'd like to say that the service was amazing! My tea arrived in six days through regular shipping, which was quicker than I'd expected. Also, it was nicely packaged without excessive use of styrofoam, etc.

The tea itself was exactly what I was looking for. I'd never tried Sencha Fukamushi before, but wanted something very green. This tea was a lovely, deep green (especially on the second steep) and was very mellow. I have a cold, so am having a hard time summing up how it tastes-- my friend mentioned green apples and vegetal notes. I found it rich and brothy, with slight sweet notes and very little astringency. It is complex and not at all bitter.

I'm very happy with my order (though I haven't tried the matcha super premium yet!) and will certainly order from Hibiki-an again. Thank you for your wonderful product!
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Date January 25, 2009

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