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Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Markus Pache   (Australia)
Review I’ve been enjoying high quality tea for the last 30+ years - from all over the world. Some 3 years ago I re-discovered my love for Sencha and ordered from various plantations in Japan to compare and find my favorite teas. Hibiki-An has now been my first choice for the past 2 years – the high quality and balance between volume&price is outstanding! I’ve ordered almost all the Hibiki teas available (other than the most expensive varieties due to budget choices) – you can’t go wrong with any of their teas. My absolute favorites remain the premium range of Sencha and S-Fukamushi (I don’t drink much else but these two … apart from Matcha here and there).

Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium – This is the best Sencha Fukamushi I ever tasted (Fukamushi teas are my favourites, I’ve tried many over the years) …. What can I say – I don’t think Sensha Fukamushi gets much better than this. Sublime, mellow, sweet, with a wonderful colour, flavour & aroma. I do prefer the high quality Fukamushi over premium Gyokuro because of the added freshness of the Sencha … If I could afford it I’d enjoy the Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium daily - for breakfast, afternoons and quiet evenings …. For now my every-day tea remains the Sencha Fukamushi Premium – still of very high quality and not too far away from the Super Premium.
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Date November 22, 2014

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