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Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Aki Mund   (Germany)
Review This is a review of Hibiki-an Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium. If you like your tea rich and strong as I do this tea is for you. I found this tea to be of exceptional freshness. Every package I opened in the last couple of years has had this wonderful intense hay scent. No other tea so far could match this freshness whether sent from somewhere around the world or bought directly on the ground in Japan.

The colour is impressively green. Although I drink my tea from an earthenware kyusu and cup I serve it to guests in glass cups and people always make admiring remarks about the colour.

The taste of the brewed tea is also very fresh. Not the slightest hint of fermentation. Very grassy. The tea shows a well-balanced combination of sweetness and a subtle bitterness when brewed as recommended. I use a longer steeping time and a lower temperature which makes the infusion rich, with pronounced umami and bitterness.

I drink this tea as my everyday tea since a couple of years and haven't found anything better (reflecting my taste) so far.

Hibiki-an's service is excellent. Delivery of the tea to Germany surprisingly only takes a couple of days. Mr. Yasui is very friendly and professional and takes great care to make sure everything is as expected.
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Date December 15, 2012

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