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Sencha Fukamushi Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Tony RA   (United States)
Review In the interest of transparency, I want to acknowledge that I am very new to tea. I started to drink tea in an effort to switch to healthier beverages. As a result, I write this review as a neophyte.

My encounters with Hibiki-An occurred by chance as a result of a random internet search. I find the whole experience with tea very engaging. The entire preparation and drinking process creates a nice space and break from my usual routine.

Once I discovered the Company, I purchased some tea ware and was persuaded to purchase the Sencha Fukamushi Superior (200g/7.05oz) on the basis of the description on the site. I’m glad I did.

I was very much surprised by the amount of tea recommended per cup and the very short steeping time. I followed the directions to the letter and found the result to be flavorful and surprising, in a good way.

From the first brewing I was delighted by the aroma and its complexity: seems like there are layers of flavors. I find it sweet but not sugary sweet and, in my experience, seems to noticeably change in aroma and flavor as it cools. I like the base flavor very much and it seems very familiar to me but I cannot name it. I easily manage three infusions each time I brew it.

Overall, I like the tea very much. Additionally, all the other products available from this company as well as the service have been excellent. I want to publicly thank Hibiki-an for the time and effort they put into all their web site material: it has been a joy to learn about their wares, history and production processes. The site communicates interesting information but also a sense of pride. As an initiate, the basic information include in my shipment was very much appreciated.

I do not presume to address pricing. I am not sufficiently familiar with the market to do so. I can say that I am pleased to have “found” Hibiki-an, and will continue to visit their site. I recommend both the Company and the good value when purchasing Sencha Fukamushi Superior.

Thank you for your time.
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Date February 13, 2019

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