Sencha Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Jade   (United States)
Review This tea is among the best I have tried. Many teas I find try to do something special, unusual, or unique, and those teas are very interesting. I appreciate them very much. This tea, though, defines itself by how balanced it is, and it pulls it off in a way few teas I've tried are.

It's clarifying and grassy. It has some astringency, but the astringency suits the tea well. It feels warm and clean to drink. When the brewing conditions are just right, it gets a bit more floral. I've drank almost half a kilo of the stuff, and I'm not done yet.

Getting the brewing conditions right for this sencha takes some practice, and it's an easy way to learn precision in brewing. The first time you find this tea's sweet spot, it may be hard to find it again. And its flavor changes with the pot, too. Likely the higher grades are a bit more forgiving, but a bit of challenge suits me.
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Date November 23, 2020

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