Houjicha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Mitchell S   (Canada)
Review I am a big fan of houjicha. It's my favourite after dinner beverage, and I enjoy it in the evening thanks to its low caffeine content.

I have tried a few houjichas from other vendors, and this is my new favourite.

The stem of a tea leaf contains a large amount of theanine, which is not only healthy, but provides a sweet taste.

Since this is a karigane, it uses high quality stems that by virtue of being larger and/or undamaged contain more theanine.

What this means in practice is this Houjicha Karigane makes a sweeter tea than other houjichas.

What really makes this tea superior is the balance of the flavours. The previous houjichas I've tried are mostly nutty and roasty at first, and the aftertaste is somewhat sweet.

But this houjicha is both sweet and roasty at first taste, and the aftertaste becomes more sweet, but the roasty flavour remains. It's a little more complex than other houjichas, and so more enjoyable.
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Date August 30, 2015

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