Houjicha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Begum Ozeke   (Canada)
Review All you houjicha lovers out there - I can recommend you this Houjicha Karigane with confidence! Actually I love this tea so much that I can't go back even to the very flavourful Houjicha of Hibiki-An.

Although I'm a gyokuro lover, this is my favourite tea in cold autumn and winter evenings. It produces a fascinating liquor even when very hot water is used. It is quite hard to make a bad cup of tea even on those days one is tired and adjusting the water temperature adequately slips out of the mind. A very hearty tea, it is very forgiving (even when I forgot to take out the drainer upon receiving a phone call and the tea steeped for 4-5 mins, the taste was still not bitter or astringent). Delicious and nutty in flavour as it is a houjicha variety, but this tea is sweeter, mellower, and more complex. It is not overwhelmingly roasty. Plus, it has a very calming and centering effect after being consumed.

I also have to add that it is a favourite among my guests as some of them are careful not to drink caffeinated teas in the evening. As mentioned in the description, it is a very low caffeine tea, and, who doesn't like a mellow hot tea on a cold night to accompany a nice chat or a good book? This tea received compliments over and over again from my guests.

Thank you Hibiki-An for providing such high quality teas!
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Date October 23, 2013

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