Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Angela Petitclerc   (Canada)
Review This tea is very subtle and mellow in flavor. It is an easy tea to sip and enjoy and would be a good choice for first-time fresh green tea drinkers. While I enjoy the flavor, it lacks the rich organic taste and aroma of the gyokuro leaf tea.

(Comment from Hibiki-an)
The taste and aroma of Gyokuro Karigane is certainly some different from regular Gyokuro tea leaves because Gyokuro Karigane contains more Teanin. Considering both prices, we think that Gyokuro Karigane is much valuable.
We would really like Gyokuro Lovers to enjoy Gyokuro Karigane, as well as in Japan.
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Date April 21, 2006

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