Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Nathaniel Frentz   (United States)
Review This tea has a unique flavor and is a great change of pace from drinking regular gyokuro. It is not subtle, but sweet, full, and a little flowery. Normal gyokuro is fresher and lighter in my opinion, but I prefer this Gyokuro Karigane. Each steep has a different flavor, the first is rich and full, and the second is more flowery, almost like honey-suckle if you've ever smelled or tasted it. This tea leaves a sweet flavor in the back of your mouth for quite some time after drinking it. When brewing this tea, I have found that a very low temperature produces the best results, around 130 degrees for 3 minutes.

While sencha is my favorite, I think Hibiki-an has made me a karigane lover. I'd really like to see a dedicated karigane sencha product. This tea is highly recommended.
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Date January 05, 2006

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