Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Susan Hay   (Canada)
Review I'm another newbie to the art of tea - we're talking a mere two weeks here. After discovering Hibiki-An's website, I decided to cultivate tea-drinking as a healthier alternative to coffee, although in the past I haven't much enjoyed any tea, including green tea. Well, I'm a true believer now.

I've been following Hibiki-An's excellent instructions on proper brewing methods, and the difference between brewing their wonderful tea and plopping a grocery-store green tea bag into boiling water is like the proverbial silk bag and sow's ear! I thought all green tea was bitter and harsh - but Gyokuro Karigane is smooth and light and extremely satisfying.

My next venture is matcha; I've just completed my second Hibiki-An order for the tea and accessories for matcha-making. I'll be back with another review soon....

Thanks, Hibiki-An, for your excellent teas and your informative and educational website - not to mention your free shipping, which is a big bonus for those of us who are accustomed to being charged high shipping prices for online purchases. I'm not just a happy customer; I'm a fan!

Kind regards,
Sue Hay
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Date January 01, 2008

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