Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Nickname S. Alice   (United States)
Review The more I drank this tea, the more I came to understand and appreciate it. At first it seemed simple and clean. Over time it became more and more subtle. I loved it cold-brewed, as well as hot. Fairly slight differences in temperature or the amount of tea turned out to make a big difference in the resulting tea. I feel that I learned a lot from this tea. And it showed me that there is still a lot for me yet to learn. Over the summer, I made some cold Gyokuro Karigane Premium for a hot and tired singer before she had to perform for hundreds of people, and the beautiful color and taste restored her mood and voice. I love this tea, and can't wait to order it again.
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Date January 03, 2015

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