Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Jean-Philippe ANTOINE   (France)
Review A few years ago a friend returning from Kyoto brought me some Gyokuro Karigane as a gift. I didn't know about it at all, and loved its particular taste. It is while browsing to find out how to get more of this that I encountered Hibiki-Tea, and started ordering Gyokuro Karigane Premium from them. I also love Gyokuro as well as varied Sencha, but must admit to have become one of these "repeat" Karigane customers mentioned in Hibiki's description of the tea. While partaking of the same qualities as Gyokuro, Gyokuro Karigane possesses unique qualities: first, especially in its first brewing, and especially at low temperature, an incredibly smooth liquor, and a hint of a taste of marshmallow flower; the second brewing is a repeat; a third one will produce a quite different taste, closer to some Chinese green teas such as Huang Shan teas. Providing a very subtle and varied experience, Hibiki's Gyokuro Karigane Premium tea also provides a quiet sustained energy which makes it ideal in the morning and a good intellectual work companion. It has become a mostly daily ritual -- and a great pleasure.
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Date September 25, 2013

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