Genmaicha (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Mitchell S   (Canada)
Review After some experimentation with temperature, steeping time, and amount of leaf, I can say I am very happy with this genmaicha.

If you use too much tea, or steep at too hot a temperature you will find a bitter brew. I tried using a gong-fu style technique where I used a lot of tea and very little water, but it was still bitter and I wouldn't recommend it.

Using a normal method of about a teaspoon of leaves to 6-8oz of water seems to work the best.

Once you've got that dialed in, the tea itself is great.

The sencha taste sits in the background, and provides a base for the toasted rice flavours to shine.

The rice makes the tea heartier and nutty. It's certainly mostly the rice flavour with a little sencha to balance it out, so I wouldn't expect strong sencha flavour.

I think this will become my new morning tea. During the day I use a tea ceremony method, and at night I drink Houjicha for it's low caffeine.

But in the early morning I am looking for a big cup of caffeine that tastes good, and the heartiness of this genmaicha fits that role perfectly, especially with its low cost.

I'll be purchasing it again for sure!
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Date August 30, 2015

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