Houjicha (Bancha) (200g/7.05oz)


Author Danica Radovanov   (United States)
Review This is the creamiest houjicha I have tasted--and I have tried 4 different varieties not including Hibiki-an. It also holds up well for a second brewing--almost as rich and creamy as the first--which is uncommon for other houjicha that I have tried in the past. My teapot is made of a porous clay--it is called Oni Hagi in style-- and seems to filter the flavor quite nicely, although I am sure other types of teapots would do nicely as well. I recommend letting the tea cool down until it reaches warm but not hot temperature to fully experience the tastes. The other delightful quality is that the tea is truly low in caffeine, and I have no trouble sleeping after I drink it at night.
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Date March 26, 2008

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