MANTEN Kyusu (Teapot: 350ml)


Nickname David Waters   (Australia)
Review The advice to avoid KYUSU with basket-style filters is pertinent. I would go further and say that KYUSU with fine-mesh ceramic filters are the standard. I have tried brewing teas that include FUKAMUSHI and KONACHA in both fine-mesh stainless and fine-mesh ceramic filter KYUSU and find the flavour to be better in the latter. If you are interested in consuming the small pieces of tea leaf for additional health benefits, the larger holes of the fine-mesh ceramic are recommended. All Japanese teas have brewed well in this pot, including HOUJICHA. The porcelain nature of MANTEN allow for a range of teas to be brewed without carry over effects. This is my recommendation as a starter KYUSU for those with an interest in the above fields.
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Date March 12, 2016

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