MATSUBA Yunomi (Teacup:pair:100ml each)


Nickname JAS   (United States)
Review I received my yunomi porcelain cups this afternoon, and I'll tell you that the photographs -- although beautifully shot, and enticing enough that I was interested in purchasing the cups -- does not do the cups justice. This is a beautiful pair of simple, yet masterfully crafted cups. The porcelain is thin and polished to a shine. The pine needle is a symbol for the simplicity of drinking a cup of tea -- a gentle reminder to drink mindfully and cherish the moment.

The cups are light and feel wonderful in my hands. They are in fact larger than I expected. I measured 150ml of water to the top of the cup, which for me, at least, was agreeable as I wondered if 100ml (which would equate to less after the water is absorbed into the tea leaves) might be too small for my own taste. But I am very happy with the size. I do have larger cups for when I want more tea, but when I'm in the mood to relax and slowly sip my tea, savoring the moment and the mellow, vegetal notes of my sencha, these cups are perfection.

As always, the cups arrived quickly, and charmingly wrapped. I know we are talking about just some small cups here, but I was very excited about receiving these cups, and drinking from them was simply a delightful experience. I think I found my new favorite cups for my sencha.
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Date December 29, 2019

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