MATSUBA Yunomi (Teacup:pair:100ml each)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review These yunomi have the design of a pine needle which at first glance may come off as very simple or possibly boring but these yunomi are excellent for a lovely green moment since they don't have too much "clutter" of design or color. The simplicity of the pine needle painted is very calming to see and allows your mind to settle and contemplate these trees and how they are different from trees which lose their leaves in Autumn while pine stays evergreen. The porcelaine feels smooth and gentle, is just the right size to comfortably sip your Tea, not too big or too small, and the shape looks nice how it gently curves out at the top. I like how I'm able to fully appreciate the shades of my various Green Teas against the pristine white inside the cup which adds to the enjoyment of my Teas! For some reason, also, I personally feel that a nice porcelaine yunomi really just simply brings out The Best mouthfeel & flavor notes that HIBIKI-AN'S highest quality Teas offer (especially the Premium, Super Premium, Pinnacle, and Kuradashi Gyokuro's and Sencha's.)
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Date May 04, 2013

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