Earthenware Kyusu (Teapot: 360ml)


Nickname Maria   (United States)
Review Small, delicate, and beautiful design. At first I wished it was bigger. But upon months of use, I realized that its just the right size and very easy to rebrew tea leaves. Built in screen is 100% amazing, but cleaning is different than what I was used to. After I am done brewing tea for the night, I hand scoop out the big wet leaves and let dry over night and then smaller leaves fall right out the next day. If I want to brew more tea the same night, I scoop out majority of the wet tea leaves and wipe with a designated tea towel and fine leaves come right out easily. I prefer this style in terms of functionality and easy clean up more than tea strainers. This is also one of the best mesh filters I have ever used and I have tried many (metal, mesh, silicon).

Overall, it is beautiful, works wonderfully, and priced very fair! I highly recommend and would buy again.
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Date December 27, 2020

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