Earthenware Kyusu (Teapot: 360ml)


Nickname Jade   (United States)
Review I'll write here what I wrote to a friend of mine shortly after trying this pot on several of my teas.

1) It's wide and flat, which means it can easily accept any number of teas, and any volume of liquid, while still steeping the leaf evenly.
2) The strainer is on the inside, but it's up against the inside of the teapot, so the leaves and water can mix freely.
3) The pour is clean, even, and fast.
4) The lid fits neatly into the pot, and an airtight seal is formed when wet. Covering the air hole stops the flow of tea.

This is a fantastic pot -- maybe the best one I've had, though I admit I can't afford enough of them to really compare. But if you were looking for something versatile enough for any of your teas (except maybe matcha!), this is a good choice.

Also, if you love Hibiki-An's teas, you'll love this teapot. It's a perfect fit.
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Date November 29, 2020

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