Earthenware Kyusu (Teapot: 360ml)


Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I studied the looks of this teapot for some time and was unsure whether I liked the handle shape. Finally I bought it for the size and that it was eartheware as well as the light green-umber tone of the glaze. Like other reviewers, it stole my heart by its (to me anyway) unique look, color and shape. It is earthenware and so, sturdy feeling in the hand. The handle is perfect for the weight of the pot, the underside curves into your palm at just the right angle and it becomes very pleasant and steady to hold.

The colors are very compatible with many other teawares and cloths. It is appealing in its unflashiness. I think it is a remarkable buy. The glaze also has a very nice texture.

I usually make a full pot but because the tea mesh is not removable, I pour the brewed tea into another pot for serving and save this kyusu for brewing. It is because I serve only myself normally.

I think this kyusu enhances the brewed tea flavor.
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Date October 14, 2015

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