Matcha Sifter


Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review This is a very nice matcha sifter. I was surprised by the size, it's very large. Since it is not washable I would be cautious about storing matcha in it for fear of it sticking to the sides (too much might be lost to the static in the container). The container is very large, which keeps a lot of air in the container, this could accelerate oxidation if you store matcha in it for more than a few days. The sifter itself is very well made but for me the mesh was a little too small, necessitating a lot of rubbing with the spatula to get it through. I don't particularly agree with all of this friction with the spatula for fear of heating up the matcha (my preference). The spatula itself is very nicely made and high quality.

Overall, this is a very nice sifter with multiple components. It's very nice looking. It's not the one I prefer to use (I prefer the much simpler Chakoshi sifter) but since I have it I will probably repurpose it and use it for something else because, ultimately, it IS a very nice unit.
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Date April 03, 2021

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