Chashaku (Matcha Spoon)


Author Michael Nelson   (United States)
Review This is a handy and simple little item!
It is actually much easier than using a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon, which matcha seems to love to stick to, whether metal or plastic. I figured these folks must sell these for a reason, so I got one and it is the DEAL!

2 Chashaku's of matcha equals 1/2 teaspoon, or a Usucha(thin, weak) matcha.

4 Chashaku's of matcha equals 1 teaspon, or a Koicha (thick, strong) matcha.

Hint: I keep my matcha in airtight glass jars, which seem to help prevent the buildup of static and thus, increased clumping in the matcha. I have found that the more clumping you get can also effect the taste of the matcha. I used to keep matcha in non-air tight small metal cans. The difference in taste, and no clumping, along with longer shelf life is why I switched to glass air-tight jars. Flip lid or screw on work best, I never had the same result with "press fit" lid jars.
Also, I "pop" or "flick"my Chasaku gently on the edge of my Chawan to get the slight remainder of matcha off of it. Putting the matcha in a dry Chawan before the water makes a huge difference in how the matcha turns out, no clumping!

Solid product. Four Stars!
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Date March 23, 2009

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