Superior Tea Tasting Set (3 x each 100g/3.53oz)


Author Jeffrey Markham   (United States)
Review The Superior Tea Tasting Set was my first order with Hibiki-an, and I've been quite impressed by all aspects of this tea source. The descriptions and readings about how the tea is cultivated and then prepared are fascinating and very informative; further, the descriptions of the products that I've ordered are extremely accurate. The shipping time was very quick. I know that the shipping time varies, but my order arrived much sooner than I had expected. It arrived wrapped like a present, and knowing that it had been in Kyoto only a couple of days before added to the enjoyment. Most importantly, the tea is quite fresh and truly excellent. Much better than anything I've been able to buy here in the states-- and I've tried quite a few sources.

I used to be a coffee drinker but have found green tea to be a wonderful replacement. The feeling of increased energy and focus is definitely there (especially with the gyokuro), but it's much more effective and there's no "crash" later in the day. I've found that the caffeine from coffee makes me too jittery and takes me out of the moment. Not so with green tea. It's gentle on my system and allows me to stay in harmony with what's around me while giving me more energy. Also, all three teas from this sampler leave a nice, clean taste in my mouth; very much unlike coffee.

I feel very fortunate to have found this tea source and wish them all the best! I've already placed my second order.
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Date August 13, 2010