Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review After tasting more than a handful of Hibiki-an teas, there is a standard I've come to expect. Gyokuro Superior totally lives up to it too.

I made sure to make time for this special treat but it is a more affordable Gyokuro than a lot out there.

I put 3 rounded tablespoons in the pot and used 50° for the first, 52° for the second and 55° for the third and if I can be honest, I even did a forth with 60°! All had remarkable flavor.

The first burst of aroma was vanilla when I opened the bag. For some reason hazelnut came to mind next but this is NOT a nutty tea. Far from it. It's the texture you will notice first and foremost - almost a thick cream. This tea is more like food than drink. It's so complex and utterly refined...the flavours seem to layer and layer until the sweetness is all you can experience. This has an aftertaste that really lingers. My mouth also felt lovely and clean. The word here is FOOD. You really can nearly chew this tea. I love it!

I'd give this one a 6 star rating and so would my friends who shared it with me!
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Date June 26, 2012

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