Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Stephen Carroll   (Australia)
Review I have just received my second delivery of tea from you and wish to make
a few comments as I sit drinking a cup of Gyokuro Premium! I first had
green tea whilst in Kyoto a few months ago and discovered that green tea
in Australia was a of very poor quality. I then found your web site and
ordered a selection of green teas so as to educate myself, which I
certainly did! My order arrived within a matter of days in perfect
condition. I followed the brewing instructions and found that all of
your products were indeed perfect. I now only drink tea from
"Hibiki-an" on a daily basis. I found that Gyokuro Superior green tea
was my favourite. I finished my original packs and promptly ordered
eight more which should last me a few weeks. They arrived within a
matter of days.

I recommend your teas unreservedly to all people who are considering
buying from you. There is nowhere in Australia that sells green tea of
this very high quality. Your dispatch service is exemplary in its
efficiency. One note for Australian customers is that the Customs
Service will open and inspect all tea parcels but will not open the
actual packets of tea which remain with there original seals intact.
But, this is a small price to pay for such a quality product!

I look forward to many more years drinking "Hibiki-an" Gyokuro is certainly chanoyu....And yes, now I have many "green tea

Stephen Carroll


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Date June 02, 2006

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