Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author justin forsman   (United States)
Review First off (because I believe this to be most important) this is the finest green tea I have ever tasted. Once you cut open the package and smell how fresh and green the tea is you'll be hooked. Also, the appearance of the leaves is stunning. They are a deep spring green that almost shimmers in the light. The flavor is most subtle, with no trace of bitterness. I drink this tea every day and I still look forward to that very first cup!
Hibiki-an’s service is most commendable. Though I had read reviews saying that it took less than eight days for their order to arrive I didn’t really believe it. It took my order seven days, and it arrived in wonderful condition. Beautiful packaging.
I will only order my tea from Hibiki-an from now on, for they are most wonderful.
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Date May 10, 2006

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