Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Seth Wells   (United States)
Review I love Japanese culture and this is one of the few steps I took into understanding the Japanese and I am so pleased to have taken this journey. I had purchased an entire tea set and the tea that I am reviewing. Everything is expertly and beautiful crafted and truly shows the craftsmanship of the Japanese. The tea is something that I can not explain with mere words. The tea, and the proper prep techniques to brew made ordinary water something of true peace and tranquility. My co workers saw an immediate show of relaxation and calm come across my face as I myself felt that all was well and at peace. The water turned from boring drinking water to a spiritual moment that has come to make me understand why tea in Japan is such a big deal. I can not express my gratitude enough for hibiki-an for not only providing me with an excellent product, but an excellent experience.

domo arigatou gozaimasu!!
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Date January 17, 2018

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