Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author John Outler   (United States)
Review I am pleased to be the (apparent) first to write a review for this fine tea. I have sampled several gyokuros from various vendors and Hibiki-an offers a very fine value in their Gyokuro Premium. The flavor of a fine Gyokuro is as distinct from sencha as sencha is from black tea. If you have not experienced it, this is a very good place to start: a delicate, clean, fruity bouquet and a good dose of that special Gyokuro "ether" that keeps you coming back for more. It is almost addicting!

I also want to acknowledge Hibiki-an for their generous shipping policy and speedy delivery. I live in Atlanta, GA and my package arrived within a week or so of my web order. I look forward to sampling every tea in their line and will report on each.

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Date February 26, 2005

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