Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Suhel Singh   (India)
Review Being a driven student of self-actualization, or what's called 'Kaizen' in japanese, I'm always looking to step up, raise my personal standards, increase my quality of life, financially emotionally physically, and spiritually. I heard about japanese green tea from one of my teachers, and till that point, mid2012, I had only had the mass market crap. I decided to browsing the internet to look for this mystic and esoteric 'gyokuro'.

Gyokuro is unlike anything I had ever tasted. In the beginning I was using too much water. Its a drastic turn from the mass market crap which people drink, fooling themselves that they're drinking green tea. Gyokuro was the first green tea I ever drank. The leaves were green, unlike the other 'green tea's' I'd had before. It made sense. It tasted very very fresh, and sweet. When I sip it, I automatically become silent, as if sitting in zazen. It has a very long aftertaste, I had it 30 minutes ago and I can still taste it on my tongue.

This is my favorite tea, I enjoy it several times a day, daily.

~The Myth : Gyokuro is expensive.
People are looking at this from the wrong lens. Japanese green tea is NOT expensive. It just is. That's the price you pay for something which is artful and beautiful. If you can't afford it, then let me tell you this : life is short, you only get one life, you better start making more money to enjoy life to the fullest, and enjoy best it has to offer.
The worker-bee class of the world will happily pay $2 for a cappuccino, coffee which will stress out your adrenals and isn't exactly good for your health.
At $33 for a 100grams, you easily get 30 servings, which you can steep 3 times. So that's 90 cups at $33, 3cups/$ and I just don't understand how this is 'expensive'.

This is a present to give to yourself. Life is a celebration, and you should celebrate each moment completely, totally. And when you have the courage to celebrate in silence, try gyokuro.
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Date January 09, 2013

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