SANKAKUZU (handpainted glass: 330ml)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Handpainted Tumbler Glass: 330ml (11.61fl oz), diameter: 3.62inches (9.2cm), height: 3.94inches (10.0cm)
Painted by Zenshoh Yamaoka at Zenshoh Kiln

This is a sophisticated tumbler glass with Japanese traditional painting by a Kyo Yaki artisan. This can be used for serving a wide variety of food and drink from Japanese tea or sake to ice cream and parfait and is perfect for everyday use or special occasion. It will expand in application depending on your idea. Of course, it can be used not only in the summer season but throughout the year.

This drawing pattern is designed in the motif of a traditional drawing pattern called KAKUZU, which was originally drawn by Hohitsu Sakai (1761 - 11829). Hohitsu Sakai established a basis for one of the most famous traditional painting schools, the RIN school, along with Kohrin Ogata. SAN of this name means three, and KAKUZU means drawing pattern of cranes, which is auspicious. It is said that KAKUZU is one of the masterpieces of Hohitsu Sakai.
Because the legs of the cranes are drawn on the bottom of the glass, it looks like the cranes are standing in the water (bottom of glass); a beautiful effect. It looks unique and elegant. Gold color pigment modestly and courtly adorns and adds an extra touch of class.

Patterns are drawn on the outside surface of the glass. The impression of viewing from the inside is interestingly different because these patterns are viewed through the glass.

This sophisticated tumbler glass will certainly add unique atmosphere to a table, and make any moment special.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.




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Zenshoh Yamaoka

Zenshoh Yamaoka was born in 1942. He worked under Zenjiroh Ueyama for 10 years, and then opened his own Zenshoh kiln in 1969.
His paints derived from masterpieces in the middle ages are excellent. It is said his precise drawing techniques are in a class of their own. Indeed, he was officially designated as the traditional craftsman by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2002. His sophisticated, exquisite, elegant, and advanced drawing techniques receive high acclaim in the Kyo Yaki pottery industry.


- This is not heat-resistant glass. Please don't use it in microwave ovens and the like. In addition, please be careful as it may break with sudden temperature changes (especially quick cooling).
- It can break easily once it is scratched. Please be careful when handling it.
- Please avoid using home dishwashers and wash by hand.
- Please use a soft sponge carefully when you wash it since it has painted parts product. *please do not use cleanser or nylon scrub sponges (with abrasive).
- Please use a neutral dishwashing soap product.
- Please be careful when you wash the inside of the glass. (If you twist and wash it applying from the inside, it could lead to damage or injury.)

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