Kuradashi Gyokuro Premium (80g/2.82oz)

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This item is limited edition of 850 packages only available this autumn season.

If you are a Gyokuro lover, you may know of Kuradashi Gyokuro. It gains an enriched flavor and deep noble aroma and sweetness over time. Our Kuradashi Tea is aged in the granary for more than 1.5 years. (For more information, visit What’s Kuradashi Tea page.)

All Gyokuro does not gain an enriched flavor but only specific kinds of Gyokuro. It depends on some factors, such as the breed of tea leaves, how the sunlight is diffused, management of fertilizer and nutrients, the processing procedure, preserving procedure, and so on.

As for the processing procedure, farmers tends to want to steam Gyokuro tea leaves just a titch heavier in case of trimmed highest grade Gyokuro like this, because steaming a little heavier brings brighter green water colour and deeper excellent taste. However, Gyokuro tea leaves steamed a little heavier is not suitable for Kuradashi Gyokuro. Even if aged, they don't deepen the richer and subtle flavour of Kurdashi Gyokuro which lingers in the mouth for a while.
Tea leaves of this Kuradashi Gyokuro Premium are grown in the shade before harvest by the way of "Tana" which requires skillful technique and great care. Noble aroma and elegant sweetness are created by the shaded from sunlight of the "Tana" technique.
Tea tree breed of this item is Yabukita, which is one of suitable breed for aged Kuradashi Gyokuro. We have enriched this highest grade of trimmed Gyokuro for one and a half years.

Kuradashi Gyokuro is different from ordinary Gyokuro in aroma and flavor, so it may be enjoyable for you to compare this tea with regular Gyokuro. The superb enriched and sweetened flavor and aroma of this special tea lingers in the mouth for a while. The aroma is full, but not too strong. The flavor is rich and subtle. The taste is both mellow and enhanced.
Kuradashi Gyokuro can best be described in the same way a fine wine is described and enjoyed by connoisseurs. Like Pinot Noir red wine, Kuradashi Gyokuro is amazingly full flavored with hints of woody spices, sweet fruits, and nuts, as well as oak, earth, leaves, and grass. It is difficult to describe this remarkably delicious tea and just must be experienced firsthand!

It is the best way to enjoy Kuradashi Gyokuro which is available only this autumn season, just once a year!



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Features of This Tea

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  • 'Yabukita' Breed
  • Enriched Term :1.5 year
  • Trimmed by machine
  • Shaded from sunlight by the way of 'Tana'

Tips to Enjoy Kuradashi Gyokuro

Brewing Process
Usually Kuradashi Gykuro is brewed with 140-158F (60-70C) water for 2 minutes, which is the same way as regular Gyokuro.
Another way to enjoy Kuradashi Gyokuro is to brew it so that it has a softer, mellower taste. In this case, we recommend you brew Kuradashi Gyokuro with a little lower temperature water (55C/131F).

Brewing Process for Deeper Flavor
Add an additional 25 - 30% tea leaves and follow the brewing temperatures and times listed above for "softer, mellower flavor." In this case, you can brew Kuradashi Gyokuro 4 times instead of 3 times in regular brewing.
You can enjoy an amazing deep and mellow flavor by following this special method. It is nearly impossible to over-brew Kuradashi Tea (causing a bitter taste) because it's enriched for 1.5 years. In contrast, regular teas can become bitter if brewed this way.

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