BANPEIYU Japanese Hard Jelly(premium citrus flavor)

This is limited edition only available in spring season.

Interior content: 90g (3.17 oz)

Hard Jelly is one of the most popular sweets in Japan. This premium confection features BANPEIYU, a citrus which is cherished in Japan, much like YUZU. This cubic jelly, which is light yellow color, has a refreshing citrus flavor and pairs very well with Japanese green tea.

BANPEIYU is highly valued for its balance of sweetness and acidity and low bitterness. This fruit is one of the largest citrus species and originates from the Malay Peninsula. It is said that a researcher from Kumamoto Prefecture brought it to Japan and began cultivating it. BANPEIYU produced in Kumamoto, located in the southern part of Japan, are known to be the most delicious, thanks to the warm climate. As a result, the main production area is still Kumamoto Prefecture, which produces more than 90% of Japan's total BANPEIYU crop. This Hard Jelly is also manufactured in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Hard Jelly has a unique texture that is not as soft as MOCHI, yet not as hard as gummy candy. It is convenient because it can be stored at room temperature and can be picked up and eaten by hand.

The citrus aroma and subtle sweetness of BANPEIYU are well balanced, and the bite-sized pieces make it easy to eat. This Hard Jelly, made with BANPEIYU, a rare and unique citrus, is sure to fascinate you. Just by eating one piece, you can enjoy the fresh citrus aroma, like that of YUZU. Please enjoy the exquisite harmony of the fresh aroma and the sweetness.




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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Sugar, Banpeiyu, Syrup, Oblate /Trehalose, Gelling agent (pectin), Acidulant
Contents: 90g (3.17oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 4 months from production date


Packages may be damaged due to fragility. Please note that we cannot accept reshipping or returning due to breakage.

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