SUNADA TOKIO (1-Minute Sandglass)

This unique and cute sandglass is a 1-minute tea timer. Matcha green color sand tells you when 1 minute has passed. Japanese green tea should be brewed for a specific length of time for ideal flavor. Sencha should brew for 1 minute, and Gyokuro should brew for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

SUNADOKEI (Sandglass) is a local specialty of Niigata Prefecture, located along the coast of the Sea of Japan in the Chubu Region. About 50 years ago, there were many factories which produced glassware, such as fairy lights, and artisans made SUNADOKEI by hand using the skill of glassblowing. Today, only one factory produces SUNADOKEI in Niigata, and there are only 3 factories which produce SUNADOKEI in Japan. This sandglass was developed to promote the tradition of Japanese SUNADOKEI.

TOKI means time in Japanese. TOKIO is a name for boys and it means a man of the times. SUNA is sand in Japanese and SUNADA is a Japanese family name. The creators of this sandglass named him SUNADA TOKIO with a quirky sense of humor. Mr. TOKIO tells you when 1 minute has passed, with his cute appearance. You will want to keep this simple design with its straight glass tube form close at hand. It is suitable for use everywhere.

The wooden stand is made by a woodworker who makes Family Buddhist altars. The charming face of Mr. TOKIO is printed at a support facility for people with disabilities.

Please add SUNADA TOKIO as the newest member of your teaware collection. His endearing looks will win your heart. This gentleman will surely make your tea time more enjoyable.

Made in Japan.
Specially packaged in a carton box.
(There is the difference in about +/- 15 seconds on this 1 Minute Sandglass since it is handmade.)




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- This is made of glass. Please handle with care.
- There is a difference of about +/- 15 seconds on this sandglass since it is handmade.
- UV light may fade the color of the sand.
- Please note that due to the manufacturing process, the size/color/shape may vary.

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