HOSHIUME (premium dried UME plum)

This is limited edition only available in spring season.

Interior content: 80g (2.82oz) packed in zip lock bag

UME plum is one of the most traditional and well-known Japanese fruits. Many people outside Japan have only tried UMEBOSHI, which can be rather sour or salty, but we Hibiki-an selected this mild sweet and naturally sour HOSHIUME confection which pairs well with Japanese green tea.

UME plums of our HOSHIUME (premium dried ume plum) are grown in Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, which is famous for its plum orchards. Especially, plums in this area are called NANKOH UME, which are considered to be the highest quality plums. The plum skin is so thin that it has a gentle and smooth texture. The plum flesh is very soft and juicy, and its fresh sour taste lingers in your mouth for a long time.

The most interesting point on this confection is the fact that it is made with no additives. Usually sweetener is added to HOSHIUME for taste and long storage. The farmer who made this HOSHIUME wanted parents to be able to give it to their children without needing to worry about additives, so they invented these additive-free HOSHIUME. They tried several times before discovering this well-balanced ratio of ingredients.

Fully ripened UME plums are soaked with salt and elaborately dried in the sun by skilled hands. This process not only makes the plums salty but also reduces the original sour taste of the plums. The plums are then soaked in syrup. These processes are the same as for UMEBOSHI however HOSHIUME has a few more steps. The plum pits are removed and the fruits are dried again. Some companies use a drying machine, but our HOSHIUME are dried carefully in the sun. This natural drying process, using only the heat and light from the sun, makes the HOSHIUME mild, soft and plump. The exquisite combination of natural sour, mild salty and sweet taste creates this noble and premium plum confection.

In Japan, it is said that eating UME plum, especially its sour taste, is effective for recovering from fatigue and for healthy digestion. Also, it is thought to be good for your skin. Well balanced natural sour, mild salty sweet flavor of UME plum enhances the taste of green tea. Would you enjoy our premium, and surprising, confection?




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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Plum, Syrup (Sugar, Apple vinegar, Salt, Honey)
Contents: 80g (2.82oz)
*The surface of the plums may turn white, but there is no problem with the quality.
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date

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