DOHKAN Copper Chazutsu for 100g tea (handcrafted container)

We recently added this new item to our line of Matcha Bowls / Accessories.

handcrafted container, diameter: 2.83inch (7.2cm), height: 3.74inch (9.5cm), capacity: 100g tea leaves

We at Hibiki-an specially ordered this DOHKAN Copper Chazutsu, which is handmade by a long-established manufacturer. This copper container is ideal for the preservation of tea leaves since this is extremely airtight and protected against moisture, and copper itself has an antibacterial effect.

DOHKAN means "can made from copper" in Japanese. Copper is oxidized when it is touched or held in the hands, and as a result, the tint and texture changes day by day. Through the natural process of oxidation, this container becomes resistant to corrosion and can be used for a long time. It is the wisdom for everyday life from the old days of Japan. Polish it by hand every day and enjoy the change of color, a feature of the natural copper itself. It is best to rub the whole exterior of the container uniformly by hand to achieve the most excellent effects evenly over the entire surface.

We specially ordered this custom-made DOHKAN from a long-established manufacturer. Each one is carefully and elaborately made by skilled artisan. The artisan spends time and effort on it, therefore this cannot be mass-produced. In general, the handmade copper container is an expensive item, however we are able to offer this container to our customers at a reasonable price due to cooperation of manufacturers and our corporate efforts.

This is suitable for the preservation of 100g tea leaves. Please take good care of this Copper container by rubbing it every day and enjoy the changes in the texture.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Made from copper (The inner lid is made from tin plate)
Made in Japan.




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- Copper is weak to water. Please do not wash with water even when you use it for the first time.
- Please be careful not to generate dew condensation, for example, when removing from a cool place.
- Please do not touch with wet hands. If wet, please wipe with a soft and dry cloth as soon as possible.
- Please rub the whole surface by hand frequently. You will enjoy the change of color and polish, which is a feature of copper with the passage of time. Please be careful as it may become unevenly colored if you touch only one area of the surface repeatedly.
- When open, please have the top of the lid as flat as possible to avoid deformation of the lid.

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