TAKEDABISHI Coaster (pair)

size: 3.94inch(10cm) x 3.94inch(10cm)

This set of two coasters is made from high grade Japanese traditional fabric. The premium fabric is generally used for KIMONO of traditional Japanese garment and furnishings.

TAKEDABISHI is the crest of TAKEDA family, which is one of the famous and strong military families during the warring states period in Japan. BISHI means diamond-shaped pattern. The pattern crest is that four small diamond patterns are gathered inside a diamond shape. Structurally well balanced pattern was used from 1000 years ago, and still one of the well-loved patterns we Japanese cherish. This pattern colored in white creates elegant and refinement atmosphere to the brown color coaster.

Along with using for tea time, this style of coaster is traditionally used for displaying ceramics in a tea room, for example, placed under a Matcha Bowl on display. These coasters create a high-toned and dignified atmosphere of refined beauty.

Made in Japan.
Made from 100% cotton




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