MATCHA KINAKO Balls (modern peanut snack)

This is limited edition only available in winter season.

Interior Content: 2 flavors of 70g (2.46oz) each

Bean snacks are one of the traditional confections in Japan, especially in Kyoto prefecture. We chose two flavors of modern peanut snacks: Matcha and KINAKO soybean powder. Crispy peanuts are coated with white flour and glutinous rice flour, and powdered with Matcha or soybeans. These combinations create not only crispy texture but unique mellow aroma in your mouth.

The combination of deep aroma of Matcha and crispy texture of dough and peanuts is truly enjoyable. Matcha powder is coated over the entire surface of the peanuts, creating an intensely rich flavor and aroma. The nutty aroma of KINAKO powder which is made from soybeans expands in the mouth, and the subtle sweetness of sugar and crispy aroma of peanuts lingers and has a lovely finish. This peanut snack has a refined flavor: a balance of pleasant nutty aroma of roasted peanuts and gentle sweet taste of the coating.
Adding to its flavor, the coating dough which is made from white flour and glutinous rice flour creates a crispy texture. Each flavor of Matcha or KINAKO soybean powder, crispy texture of dough and nutty aroma of peanuts are well balanced in a small ball.

These snacks are not fried but baked, so that they are very healthy to eat. The baking process enables this confection to provide a light and crispy texture, which can be quite addictive.

The cooking process is rather simple, but much time and effort are required in each process. White flour and glutinous rice flour are applied to peanuts in the rotary cooking pot and baked carefully. Baked peanuts are left at least one day, and coated with Matcha or soybean powder. It is a simple process but precise timing and techniques are needed.

A good combination of crispy texture of peanuts and dough, and Matcha or KINAKO soybean powder creates the perfect balance. Please enjoy our modern bean snacks, which pair well with Japanese green tea.

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: peanuts, Matcha, sugar, soybeans (only non-genetically-modified soybeans are used), white flour, glutinous rice flour, powdered skim milk
Net Weight: 70g (2.46oz) x 2
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 3 months from production date

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