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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I absolutely LOVE these. Not only are they deliciouse but unique, and versatile. I found these to be very easy to enjoy anywhere, even if without Tea. At first I wondered if they would have to be refrigerated like jellies where I live. Since HIBIKI-AN did not mention it I was not too worried. Another thing I had anticipated was that these would be softer, but they are like actual bars of a thick jelly. I can easily take these with me anywhere I go and have a snack. I REALLY appreciate that no gelatin was used or other animal products to thicken these- they used a vegetarian ingredient! I love that!

About the flavors, and I have a very favorite due to texture and flavor, then followed by the other flavors:

OGURA is the most traditional and simple YOHKAN composed of only AZUKI soy beans, agar, and WASANBON sugar. Smooth, puréed AN bean jam is used for most types of YOHKAN. OGURA is the only type made from whole-bean AN jam and thus it has truly an amazing texture and taste." - This I find to be the most filling version of these jellies and a great, healthy snack. The flavor definitely tastes like beans but is sweet like the sweet bean ice cream some people may have had. This is the only bar using whole beans and they are so much smaller than I expected. A nice traditional choice to go with any Tea.

OHSHIMA features unrefined brown sugar called KOKUTOH. We use only KOKUTOH produced in OKINAWA prefecture, located in southernmost Japan, the production center of highest quality KOKUTOH. So, you can enjoy the deep and rich unrefined earthy sweetness." - I LOVE the KOKUTOH flavor in the CONPIETO candies and while this was the same, the flavor was not as strong as in those candies but I still really enjoyed it! This bar, along with OGURA (The 1 with whole beans) are seeming to me to be very similar in taste and also seemed to be the hardest of the 4 bars. I enjoy this flavor with Matcha as I've found that chocolate and chocolate-like flavors pair well with Matcha.

We added YUZU Japanese citrus to this YOHKAN so that you may enjoy the refreshing acidic flavor which is well balanced with sweetness. YOHKAN taste is a refreshing acidic flavor which is unique and rare. And the green color of YUZU Japanese citrus is quite beautiful." - I really like this flavor and knew I would before they even arrived because I love citrus! I was not let down. These have a crisp and refreshing flavor as oppossed to the sweeter/heartier first 2 flavors described. It seems to be a bit softer than KOKUTOH bar but maybe that is just my imagination. This choice is perfect for me at any Time of the day and any Tea. I enjoyed it with the Super Premium Karigane Houjicha.

We added UME Japanese plum grown in WAKAYAMA prefecture, located near Kyoto, the production center of the highest quality UME plums. The flavor is uniquely acidic. The red color is rich and lovely." - OK, THIS bar is my FAVORITE!! The texture is just sooo smooth. It is sweet while also being refreshing. I wish I could buy an entire box of UME, or maybe UME and YUZU! This is a great, yummy treat great with any Tea, I'd think and not too sweet to pair with Kuradashi Tea's sweetness. This bar is perfection and lovely, my personal favorite! I LOVE the texture! Softer and smoother out more than the others that is just deliciously unique.

These come wrapped in very lovely paper, a lavender- which is my favorite color and each bar is so cute to open following the arrows! :) Thanks a lot, HIBIKI-AN!
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Date March 23, 2014

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