YOHKAN (sweet bean jelly)

(This confection was discontinued in a few years ago, but thanks to customers’ strong request, we Hibiki-an are very honored to release this item in our snacks and candy lineup again.)

Interior Content: 4 flavors of 55g (1.94oz) each

YOHKAN sweet bean jelly is one of the most popular and classic confections in Japan along with OHIGASHI candy and OKAKI rice cracker. Indeed AN bean jam, which is the main ingredient of YOHKAN, is the most essential ingredient of WAGASHI traditional Japanese confections. It has a unique texture and sweetness which pairs well with all kinds of Japanese tea. We developed four flavors of YOHKAN with an established AN bean jam manufacturer located in Kyoto. Our four flavors of YOHKAN are manufactured with careful attention to quality and domestic ingredients.

The original form of YOHKAN was developed around 12th century and it is said that YOHKAN is the origin of all WAGASHI traditional Japanese confections. YOHKAN is a confection in which AN bean jam is mixed with agar, a plant-based (vegetarian) thickener similar to gelatin, to create a firm cake. Main ingredients are AZUKI soy beans, sugar, and agar. It is a healthful snack because it contains no animal or vegetable fat. Unlike soft jams and jellies of the U.S. and Europe, which are typically spread over bread and other baked goods, YOHKAN is uniquely firm yet smooth and is served like cake.

YOHKAN recipe is very simple, so the quality of ingredients directly affect the flavor. We use only AZUKI soy beans grown in HOKKAIDO prefecture, located in northernmost Japan, the most famous production center of highest quality AZUKI. And we added WASANBON sugar which is known for its high-toned sweetness. Here we offer four kinds of YOHKAN, each with a unique taste, texture, and color, ranging from the most traditional to modern and sophisticated, as described below.

OGURA is the most traditional and simple YOHKAN composed of only AZUKI soy beans, agar, and WASANBON sugar. Smooth, puréed AN bean jam is used for most types of YOHKAN. OGURA is the only type made from whole-bean AN jam and thus it has truly an amazing texture and taste.

KOKUTOH is unrefined brown sugar and we use only KOKUTOH produced in OKINAWA prefecture, located in southernmost Japan, the production center of highest quality KOKUTOH. So, you can enjoy the deep and rich unrefined earthy sweetness.

We added YUZU Japanese citrus to this YOHKAN so that you may enjoy the refreshing acidic flavor which is well balanced with sweetness. YOHKAN taste is a refreshing acidic flavor which is unique and rare. And the green color of YUZU Japanese citrus is quite beautiful.

Apple Cinnamon:
We added a new apple cinnamon flavor. As you know, apple goes well with cinnamon. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness of apple and the warm, spicy flavor of cinnamon. The bright orange color is lovely.

Our YOHKAN pairs very well with all kinds of Japanese tea. We are certain that YOHKAN will please your palate and enhance your green moment. Try slicing YOHKAN into three or six equal parts and combine into one multi-layered, multi-colored stack; it is a beautiful presentation, unique and delicious.

Wrapped and decorated with WASHI Japanese paper.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: sugar, AZUKI soy beans, agar, natural color, flavor, YUZU citrus, apple, cinnamon, liqueur
Contents: 55g (1.94oz) x 4
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 12 months from produced date

Serving Idea

Try slicing YOHKAN into three or six equal parts and combine into one multi-layered, multi-colored stack; it is a beautiful presentation, unique and delicious.

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