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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I received my special Tencha order on my birthday, the other day, which was a very nice Timing and made my day even happier! I waited until last night to choose to try this Pinnacle 2015 Tencha first. Luckily, I had an extra and empty silver 40g canister to store the Tea in after opening it. I carefully cut open the packet and was greeted with the lovely, delicious Tencha scent that I just personally love SO MUCH! It is very deep, mellow, and sweet sort of like a very dark chocolate. I'd decided I wanted to try using more leaves this year, as recommended, instead of less like I had been using due to my own personal flavor likes, so I was feeling excited to get this Tea brewing.

It has been very hot and humid, as usual, this Summer so I decided to let this Summer's Tencha start cold-brewing in the refrigerator last night. I used more leaves then I usually use because I wanted to try it in a new way this year and enjoy more of it's unique flavors. Usually, I used less leaf than recommended (probably about 50% less than recommended) because I found the flavor to be a bit too strong but this year I felt ready to experience a fuller flavor!

After letting the Tencha cold-brew over night I am now enjoying it as I write this. It is indeed a more powerful Tencha experience but still a very deep, lingering, almost mysterious flavor! Using more leaves lets me sense the sort of slightly "roasted" aspect of this Tea more than usual and makes the flavor and flavor-scent linger much longer, and it is definitely a Pinnacle worthy Tencha Tea! I love everything to do with Matcha and it is very interesting how these little flurry of leaves, like confetti, are what is finely ground to make Matcha, because the flavors seem different. The deep mellowness and almost a very dark chocolate notes are still there, but that mouthwatering, lingering, roasted seeming, very delicious Tencha taste seems to disappear when transformed into Matcha. Tencha is SO UNIQUE! I read an old review I wrote from the first Time I ever tasted Tencha and I had said that Tencha tricks you, and I believe and feel it still does!

I personally love Tencha Pinnacle the best for a very pure, yet mysterious flavor experience that will make your mouth water for more, yet still lingers as a yummy flavor and scent experience many minutes after, and I HIGHLY recommend it! But try ANY of the Tencha Grades, I can say they are ALL very uniquely delicious and definitely something any Tea Lover should experience!

If you find it too strong, as I did at first, just use less leaf and that will be good to allow your supply to last you longer, too, since this is Limited Edition only during a couple Summer months!

Thank you so much, once again, HIBIKI-AN, for sharing your great, handpicked, and handmade canopied, Pinnacle Teas with us all, and allowing us these specialty LE Teas!! :)
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Date August 15, 2015

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