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Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review DEEP is the word with Tencha Pinnacle but so is the word LIGHT!

I knew this tea was going to be very special so I made sure to set aside time and space for the moment to gracefully unfurl. Suggest you do the same! Don't rush this experience. . .

When I snipped open the beautiful gold bag, I was caught off guard - in a good way! The dried tea's aroma was like nothing I've ever experienced. I'm struggling to find the right words but it was a little like dehydrated vegetables. It's a very distinctive, nice aroma.

Because Tencha leaves aren't rolled and the membrane isn't broken, sometimes it's hard to get a good flavour in the steeping. This Tencha Pinnacle absolutely does not have that challenge!

The fragrance is deep but the leaves are so light (as in weight, not colour). The leaves remind me of confetti! Take this point on board when pouring in your cooled-down water because the leaves rise up and float on the surface. You need to gently push them down so the water soaks into them. This doesn't hurt the leaves and the time it takes is OK because you brew it like Gyokuro. Just be prepared for this so you are ready to push them down.

While this tea is in no way processed like Kamairicha (the pan-fired, Chinese-like tea), there is something that vaguely reminds me of Kamairicha's exquisite depth. For this reason, I may not invite my English-teabag-with- milk friends who are newbies to green tea to start with this one. If you have a developed palette and appreciate fine wines or cheeses for example, certainly jump right in to Tencha Pinnacle!! No disrespect to green tea newbies, but you might not be able to hear just how this tea communicates to you. The flavours are layered and complex and the lingering aftertaste is simply profound.

Even if you are a Matcha lover, Tencha Pinnacle tastes so different to its micro-milled powder. I just can't find Matcha in this steeped tea. Tencha Pinnacle is something truly unique and truly a gift - I LOVE it!! Thank you Hibiki-an!!
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Date August 29, 2012

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