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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Fist, I would like to say, WOW! Mr. Riedel, the man who reviewed before me, wrote the review I just could not put into the right words but I 100% agree with him about Tencha Pinnacle! I am also a Matcha lover and understand where his thoughts are coming from concerning all of the processing of Matcha. I also agree with him that this Tencha is DEFINITELY a Sensory Journey! As soon as I took my very first sip, I decided to write my review on paper as I experienced it so I would not forget it!
So, here is my review:
Let me start by saying that I have strictly been drinking my Green Tea either ice brewed (see how to in the Recipes Section here, it's quite nice, especially since I like to drink a small yunomi of Sencha Pinnacle right before bed and brewing slowly with ice makes it have barely any caffiene) or cold water brewed in the Seasonal Pitcher available here (it is wonderful) in the refrigerator EXCEPT for some hot Matcha occasionally but I have learned to love Matcha cold, even though I never thought I ever wanted to even try it cold! I even now add a bit of Matcha to my cold brewing Gyokuro Karigane to make it extra delicious and healthy, with a "thicker/stronger" body, too.
I wanted to bring out the more sweet, mellow and pure aspects of this Tea so I used the lower temperature of water and the longer steeping Time, as recommended here. I used 2 teaspoons for 2 minutes at the warm/hot lower water temp. This First cup of Tencha Pinnacle was absolutely a serious surprise and in a wonderful way. It was totally nothing I had assumed, thought, or expected at all! While steeping, the aroma was alot stronger than I thought it would be, but it was delicious and immediately mouthwatering in anticipation off tasting the Tencha! It's a welcome roasted aroma to me, but definitely not like the deep roasted aroma and scent of Houjicha, although it still does fill the room. But it is lovely and I find that extremely pleasant.
When myy Tencha was ready to taste, I assumed it would have more of that bold, "roasted" flavor due to the generous aroma while steeping. But I was wrong again. Tencha tricks you! :) I think because of how pale it is I thought it would not be the Tea it really is. I feel this Tea is not for thirst but for just pure enjoyment of the senses and thought and calm. I'm actually going to try some in my Hohin and discover what magical secrets Tencha Pinnacle steeped in that produces!
My first sip was a pure, clean, elegant taste, just as described by Hibiki-an, not strong at all but the aroma was still there pleasingly. I admit for a moment I felt let down, as if it were very weak, but I let it linger in my mouth to get a sense of it and when I finally swallowed my first sip it was a complete WOW moment! It was like my tastebuds had finally fully experienced one of it's secrets! And this Tencha Pinnacle has many awesome secrets!
The aftertaste REALLY lingers and it is just SO EXTREMELY delicious and mouthwatering that you immediately crave more, just thinking about it right now is making me want to brew some right now! It lingers not only after you swallow but for many, many minutes after. The aftertaste is very close to how the aroma smells to me as it steeps, which I LOVE! I think that aspect can be described as "deep," as Hibiki-an does, here.
This Tea is not to be gulped. It is to be prepared and enjoyed as an awesome experience of the senses and a TOTAL TIME OUT!!
Thank you, so much, Hibiki-an, for allowing us to share in this Tea's secret! It is very special and I can Truly say that it is definitely One of my favorite Teas! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND why the First Tea Master did not include it in the Tea Ceremony!! Unless he was secretly enjoying it all for himself!! :D
Later, I will post my review of this Tea cold brewed once it has been in the refrigerator long enough. Many thanks, again!
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Date August 26, 2012

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