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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This Teapot/Pitcher is beyond perfect! I bought mine last year and have literally been using it non-stop, everyday, to cold-brew Gyokuro Karigane. It has a specific and permanant place in my refrigerator!
I use the higher grade of the Gyokuro Karigane now, but I started with the first grade and that was fine too. I just personally prefer the higher grade because it takes better to 3 great flavored infusions. Sometimes, I add some Matcha Super Premium, more or less depending on my mood or flavor I want. My favorite days are when I have added new leaves, then cold water, and let it slow cold-brew overnight in the refrigerator... that first taste the next day is awesome in every way! I have also brewed Houjicha Karigane a few Times using this, also the Spring Limited Edition Gyokuro Karigane Super Premium, as well as the Truly EXCEPTIONAL (yet extremely limited) Matcha Karigane Pinnacle. I also like to make frozen Tea cubes of a Tea that compliments the Gyokuro Karigane and add them to the pitcher during cold brewing, or use them in my glass and simply pour the Tea over them directly from the pitcher.
This Summer Season I'm going to try cold brewing certain different Teas and blends I have made up myself and enjoyed warm/hot over the colder Seasons such as Sencha Karigane, and a blend of 50/50 Sencha Karigane and Houjicha Karigane (the ratio can be adjusted for more of a "lighter" taste by using more Sencha Karigane or adding more Houjicha Karigane for a more "roasted" flavor, just use ANY Tea and your Imagination!)

It CANNOT be stressed ENOUGH that I CANNOT be without THIS in Summer due to the horrible heat and humidity where I live.

This Truly could definitely be considered my most important purchase from HIBIKI-AN !
It IS definitely the MOST used and I'd Truly be lost without it! The Facts that it strains so perfectly, is made of glass (so no unhealthy plastic effects on your body) has a shaped (glass) spout to pour super easily directly from the pitcher, cleans up incredibly fast, and in all is just SO easy and CONVENIENT make it something I really cannot do without now that I own one. But, Truly my most favorite aspect of this pitcher is that it allows me to enjoy Theanine rich, relaxing, caffiene free HIBIKI-AN Teas due to the extremely easy cold-brew process literally 24/7 !!
I HIGHLY recommend!
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Date June 04, 2013

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