Iced Teapot (1,000ml)

Dimensions: 1,000ml (35.2fl oz). Height: 10.24inch (26cm) Diameter: 3.15inch (8cm)

This teapot for iced tea was specially developed by the Japanese Tea Industry Cooperative Union.

It is ideal for brewing the perfect amount of iced tea in cool water. (Iced Tea Recipes - "Brewing by cool water") Its lid has a fine mesh filter that was specially invented to keep loose tea leaves from flowing into your cup or glass. A scale is printed on the side surface, which is very helpful and convenient too.

We are certain that this Iced Tea Pot will enrich your green moment this summer season!

Made from heat resistant glass
Lead-free glass with plastic lid
Made in Japan

(You can see Iced Tea Recipes - "Brewing by cool water" by clicking here.)





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