Matcha Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister) Reviews

Author Sandra Taylor   (United States)
Review I enjoy drinking my premium matcha tea and I am amazed at how quickly you are able to send merchandise to my doorstep from Kyoto to California! The tea is outstanding, not at all bitter, but I have nothing to compare it to because your business was the first and only order of matcha that I have made.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a prominent integrative medicine practictioner in the US, recommended matcha as a healthy tea, with many benefits, and I thought I would try it. I just kept searching online until I found a site that seemed authentic, reasonable and promised quality tea. I was quite fortunate to find your site.

I am intrigued by the tradition and ceremony surrounding matcha, and I love making it fresh each morning. It has taken the place of my coffee ritual, which I gave up almost two years ago.

I also enjoy your informative emails, and I have a suggestion: since freshness is of utmost importance, you might consider developing an auto-ship program, whereby the tea of choice is automatically shipped each month, or two months, thereby eliminating the need to reorder over and over again.

Thank you for your charming website and obvious concern for the happiness of your customers--it's a rare thing in today's society to find merchants who are so customer-oriented and efficient.

Sandy Taylor, Riverside Ca
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Date August 29, 2005

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